Erin Sevink-Johnston

The subjects of Erin Sevink-Johnston's paintings are often initially driven by an interest in the absurdity or visceral qualities of an object. Her current practice explores a fascination in the inherent grandeur of an oil painting and the ability of an artist to question this through humour. This has led to an imaginative exploration of the subject that attempts to understand the illusory fiction of a two-dimensional image. She feels that her current practice is becoming intertwined with mythology and story telling. She often writes whilst painting and this process provides her with a personal attachment to the work that validates and drives the creation of the work. Biography Erin Sevink-Johnston is a Manchester baised artist who studied at Falmouth University in Cornwall. After graduating in 2014 she has continued her work at Mirabel studios and has exhibited work up and down the country. She was short listed for the Threadneedle Prize at the mall galleries in 2014 and for the National Open Art Competition at the Royal Collage of Art in 2015.

The Absolver
Oil paint on paper
20.5 x 20.5cm
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I will absolve you. I am the absolver. I said.
Play us something new. They said. 
I said. No. 
I never want for you to worry it is I who will absolve you. 
The order came from above. 
King under the mountain, I love you 
Oil paint and acrylic paint on board
61 x 44.5cm
His loyal subjects
Oil paint on board
30 x 30cm
The Bus Scedual at the end of the land
Oil on Board
60 x 60cm
I awoke one morning to find him entirely changed (Goya’s witches)
Oil paint and acrylic paint on paper
37cm by 29cm
The new fantasy princess castle was built to last 
Oil paint and acrylic paint on board
61cm by 78cm

2011-2014 - BA (Hons) Fine Art, Falmouth University                                                                           
2010-2011 - BTEC Foundation,  Manchester Metropolitan University                

The Threadneedle Prize 2014 - Shortlisted

2015 - A6 Dialogue 4, Bankley Studios, Manchester                                                    
2014 - Figurative art today, Mall Galleries, London
2014 - Art Wave, Friends Meeting House, Lewes
2014 - The Best of The West, The Pound, Corsham, Wiltshire