Five International artist-led initiatives: BEASTON Projects (London, UK), JuJe Collective (Hillsburgh, Ontario, Canada), PAPER (Manchester, UK), rosalux (Berlin, Germany), SCOTTY (Berlin, Germany) have collaborated to present each other’s creative art practice at Platforms Project 2017, Athens from 20 to 25 May 2017. A cross-cultural collaboration that explores the relationship between the artist as curator, as artist. A unique curatorial project across borders, highlighting the relevance of the artist-led approach in contemporary art.
Linda Weiss

Trump Tower Grid (detail) 
(trump tower ny october 17th, 2011)
100 cm x 128.3cm

Brexit Grid (detail) (union jack 50%; brexit vote diagram 50%)
100 cm x 126.7 cm

Made in America (shots taken after bump into a wall street professional five years ago and remeeting at jimmys ny october 14th; end of sunnyside avenue chicago, 2011)
29 x 30 cm

Made in America (shots taken after bump into a wall street professional five years ago and remeeting in ny recently, zuccotti park october 16th, 2011)
29 x 30 cm

Made in America_Made in Russia (shots taken after bump into a wall street professional five years ago and remeeting in ny recently; march of millions, moscow september 15th, 2012)
29 x 30 cm

The Foreign Affairs initiators are delighted to announce their presence at Platforms Project 2017 with an invitation to three more initiatives: JuJe Collective (Hillsburgh, ON, Canada), PAPER (Manchester, UK) from 20 to 25 May 2017. Foreign Affairs initially took place during the 2016 edition of Platforms Project and was a great success in terms of visibility and feedback from the public. It brought the notion of "artistic diplomacy", as well as the valorisation of solidarity, international circulation, cooperation and encounter. A pervading atmosphere of spontaneous camaraderie is central to this project as art colleagues from different countries and languages collaborated for the very first time together in Athens. This unique spirit is the overriding ethos of Foreign Affairs 2.
Since the first Foreign Affairs initiative world events have put artistic practice into perspective, politicising the simple act of making art. A year on we face Brexit, the Trump Era, the rise of sexism, racism, religious segregation, police violence, the increasing threat of global warming, the threatening shadow of populism and nationalism growing over Europe, the firm intention to erect walls and close borders, the ferocious criticism towards cosmopolitanism and cultural projects that do not fit within classical national canons, the perpetuation of armed conflicts and humanitarian problems, increasing injustices and attempts on environment have made the creation of a diplomacy of artists even more urgent. Artists who embody the qualities of integrity and optimism - which society desperately needs - transmit their belief in the universal potential of art. Their combined ethos comprises humanistic values, a true dialogue in order to construct a better world.

Art has an ability to span cultures, responding to global concerns. It is this notion that Foreign Affairs wishes to underline. Art cannot change the world overnight but it can educate, open minds to new domains, and underground potentialities. It can and should give a stimulus and solicit action against the rapid undermining of hard fought rights. Foreign Affairs is an optimistic and self-confident project that offers up art as a gift to all in the spirit of inclusion, thereby uniting people through their intellectual curiosity, igniting the exchange of ideas through the platform.

In many artistic initiatives, the border between artistic practice and curatorship is tenuous and the roles of artist and curator are often interchanging. The combination of these two practices has become widespread in the artistic community all over the globe. Until recently curation has been almost exclusively linked to institutions and art collections and its logic of elitist top-down selection, nowadays it is increasingly considered a form of artistic expression. In an art world dominated by the commercial vision and the interests of big investors, the artist/curator undoubtedly embodies a success story by operating outside the conventional institution. Working independently on a self-defined basis and achieving legitimacy and international affirmation, the artist/curator also represents an inspiring force of emancipation.

Over the years, Platforms Project continues to be a conducive meeting point for project spaces and artistic initiatives at an international level. Posterity and resistance is not limited to this event alone. As the world continues to be witness to the ongoing Greek financial crisis, Platforms Project Athens raises questions on issues of global relevance and possible outcomes that should concern everyone.
Linda Weiss

i.a. Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig (MFA), University of Arts Berlin (Free Class, i.a. Harun Farocki, Madeleine Bernstorff, David Lamelas)

Grants/Collections (Selection)
2016 Sponsorship for Ad Campaign, LINDA WEISS, Gladys Glover at Monopol (Special Issue Berlin Art Week)
2013 Sponsorship Art Fair Booth, Preview Berlin Art Fair, Berlin
2012 Scholarship Multimedia Art Museum Moscow, Senate of Cultural Affairs, Berlin
2007 International Studio & Curatorial Program NY, Ministry of Culture Saxony
2004 Scholarship for Postgraduates, Ministry of Culture Saxony
2001 Graduate Prize, Academy of Fine Arts Nuremberg
Museum Bildende Künste Leipzig, Museum Folkwang Essen, Arario Gallery Seoul, Stiftung Sachsen LB Leipzig
Exhibitions (Selection)
2017 The Real Estate Show Extended/Berlin, Spor Klübü and Kunstpunkt, Berlin
2017 Alternatives to Apocalypse (festival for utopian futures), Shedhalle, Zurich
2016 Back When, Scotty Enterprises, Berlin (SE)
2016 Land You Refugee, Platforms Project, Art Athina, Athens (Cat.) (SE)
2015 What is the Sound of Protest?, Errant Bodies, Berlin curated by Joseph Young
2015 Found in Translation, Galleria Huut, Helsinki with Goethe Institute
2015 World Without End, Campell Works, London
2014 FAE (Made in Russia, America...), Scotty Enterprises, Berlin (SE)
2014 Le chant de mon chantier, Immanence, Paris
2015, 2014, 2013, 2012 You knee them in the chin + IWF-Mördertreff + REMIX + Cocaine, Spor Klübü, Berlin
2013 Made in America [Explicit], Preview Berlin Art Fair (Berlin Art Week) (Cat.) (SE)
2012 Chic-Maschini (Made in Moscow), Rodchenko Moscow School of Photography
2012 A Burnt Out Case?, NGBK, Berlin (Cat.)
2012 A Museum of Cruelty, Salon Populaire, Berlin curated by Ellen Blumenstein
2011 Rundgang, University of Arts, Berlin, curated by Madeleine Bernstorff
2011 Umlaut, Scharpenberg Gallery, Chicago, curated by Ines Meier
2011 Based around Babusch, Babusch, Berlin, curated by Barbara J. Scheuermann
2010 The Art of Speculation, Kunstverein Wolfsburg, curated by Justin Hoffmann
2010 stadt land film, Kino Arsenal Berlin + UdK Berlin, curated by Madeleine Bernstorff
2010 to think the outside, Scotty Enterprises, Berlin (SE)
2010 Jenga + REMIX 7, forgotten bar project, Galerie im Regierungsviertel, Berlin
2010, 2008, 2007 comvideo + scrawl + the most curatorial biennial of the universe, apexart, NY
2009 It’s All Yours Now, Sculpture Center, New York, curated by Sarina Basta
2009 Sudden White (after London), Royal Academy of Arts, London, curated by Mark Beasley (Cat.)
2008 Poll of Push and Pull curated by i.a. Kristine Siegel, ISCP, NY
2007 Open Studio + Business and Pleasure, ISCP, NY
2006 Vor aller Augen (Film - Still), Goethe Institute, Paris (Cat.) (SE)
2004 Just Good News for People Who Love Bad News, Galerie Eigen + Art, Leipzig