Negotiations is a two-person collaborative exhibition at PAPER, featuring Berlin-based artist Elisabeth Sonneck and Glasgow-based artist, Greig Burgoyne. The starting point of the work is the concept of  drawings as a substrate; it is neither front, back or inside, but is in fact, all its sides. Through rule based, process led making and thinking, each artist engages with the residual scraps of making, specifically how those rhythms may be located and extended. Burgoyne and Sonneck ask the viewers to immerse themselves in what Henri Maldiney describes as being ‘like waves, the two movements, ascending, descending are each of them in procession of themselves into their opposite’.
Negotiations incorporates both galleries at PAPER. Sonneck presents a large-scale site-specific installation incorporating paper and paint that will consume PAPER. In contrast, Burgoyne will present a new work, The Clearing in PAPER2. It consists of a series of works creating during a live performance that will take place in the courtyard area outside of PAPER, with residual objects resulting from the performance presented in the gallery itself. In The Clearing, Burgoyne literally wrestles with Heidegger’s notion of a space as an event of concealment that is in fact revealing the essence of an artwork, oscillating between thing and event. This will then be presented as a film work and installation for the duration of the show.
Referring back to Maldiney, Burgoyne and Sonneck could be viewed as those two opposites; navigating toward the place they paradoxically began form. As a result, their explorations of PAPER are to be determined by the space itself. The work remains in a state of flux until installation and subsequent performance. Though the practices of both artists are in striking contrast, Negotiations is where an intense logic verging on the machine-like and the absurd world of paradox meet.
About Greig Burgoyne
Greig Burgoyne was born in Glasgow, studied at the Universität Angewandte Kunst Vienna, and MA Painting, Royal College of Art London. Recent projects and commissions in 2019-21 includes: Delay#1 Spazio Mensa Rome; Spaceman Kunsthallen Bochum, Germany; Expect the unexpected The Lowry Manchester (with Sarah Sze, Yoko Ono & Gillian Wearing); The sunny and the opaque Drawing projects UK, Lost in space Other art network Kent; Beachballs Hickster Projects Italy; Arts Council England digital commission; Papier Skulptur Verein Für Aktuelle Kunst Rührgebiet Oberhausen (VAKR) with Monika Gryzmala & Ignacio Uriarte); OK-NO Le Confection Idéal France; Edinburgh Arts festival. His work features in “Performance Drawing-New practices’ published by Bloomsbury Books in autumn 2020.
About Elisabeth Sonneck
Elisabeth Sonneck lives and works in Berlin. She studied at Academy of Fine Arts in Saarbrücken, Germany. Her work has been the recipient of grants and travel scholarships to Landes Oberösterreich and Salzamt Linz in Austria, Ekaterinburg Russia, and Kunsthochschule Burg Giebichenstein, Halle, Germany. She exhibits extensively across Europe.