PAPER will present the first of a series of two-person shows, starting with Leanne Richardson and Lucy May Schofield. For these two-person shows, PAPER transforms itself into an incubator space, allowing an emerging artist their first exhibition or providing a more established artist, the opportunity to experiment. Lucy May has exhibited nationally and internationally for over ten years, and he work is in a number of major collections including Tate and the Yale Centre for British Art. She has also undertaken commissions for The Wellcome Trust, V&A, Museum of Childhood, Whitstable Biennial and Manchester Library. In contrast, Leanne recently graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University. She has been represented by PAPER from its inception. Since joining the gallery, Leanne has been working on this new series of works to be presented exclusively in PAPER #4.
Leanne Richardson’s collages look into advertising to create one-off reproductions. By collaging in the same way she would use paint, Leanne creates an illusion based around tiny fragments of magazines. By recycling the magazines, she not only seduces the viewer by expanding the original advertisements, but transforms the models into hybrid manimals, highlighting the true nature of their celebrity. The constant advertising and need for more is as recyclable as the material it is used to print on. Leanne transforms a mass produced magazine into a unique object, using it's own substance to consume itself.
Lucy May Schofield’s practice  in concerned with attempting to capture moments. Focussing on the overlooked, she is consistently drawn to documenting vulnerability. Her desire to memorialise the unspoken and make a record of mortality or place often manifest in the paintings, prints, books and installations she creates. In her new series ‘Souvenirs of Vulnerability’, presented in PAPER #4, Lucy pinpoints moments in relationships that expose the shift in balance of affection. She symbolises these moments through the portraiture of selected objects, objects that suggest and remind her of human fallibility, relationship failings, portraits of vulnerability, each expressed honestly with of paper and ink.