Seven Springs
2nd edition of 7 
32 x 24 cm
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A collection of seven etchings inspired by Japanese Shunga prints (Pictures of Spring) of the Edo period, re-worked to form a series of titillating daily prints, housed within a paper portfolio. Zinc etchings on handmade Japanese washi.
The Moon and the Sledgehammer
in collaboration with Guillaume Brisson-Darveau
Silkscreen and Woodblock prints
15 prints @ 42 x 30cm each 
Edition of 6
Set of 15 Prints £2750
Individual prints £220 each
Watercolour on Paper
20 x 8cm

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Seashore Life and Pattern
Watercolour on Paper,

20 x 15cm,

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Watercolour on Paper,

15 x 10cm ,

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Lucy May Schofield // Artist Editions // Books
Road Kill II

Origami folded watercolour prints of animal road kill punctuate the purified contentment of rural living, as gentle reminders of mortality. A book in memorandum - A series of 3, pigeon, frog and rabbit, each inkjet printed on Somerset enhanced paper and hand watercolour tinted, hardback cloth covered case with gold foil lettering.
10.5 x 10.5cm,
Series of 3 - Limited Edition of 5
£28 each inc. p/p
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Souvenirs of Vulnerability
Risograph Printed with Soya Ink
Japanese Stab Sewn
Edition of 8
£38 inc. p&p
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Lucy May Schofield & Sylvia Waltering

Individual contributors were selected and approached with the simple request to provide the artists with an object that had a special story or memory attached. They were asked to record that story, yet not reveal it. The artists used the loaned objects as muse and stimulation for their writing to unfold, creating new narrative potential.
The artists publication contains photographs of the belongings and the writings they inspired.

15 x 19cm, 40 pages with eight colour plates, cloth covered in Windsor Elcho, bronze foil blocked printed on a Heidelberg GTO52, hand finished edition of 90.
£29 inc. p&p
£25 from the gallery
Proverb Postcards
Unlimited Edition
£16 inc. p/p
£13 from the gallery