Seven Springs
1st edition of 7 
32 x 24 cm
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A collection of seven etchings inspired by Japanese Shunga prints (Pictures of Spring) of the Edo period, re-worked to form a series of titillating daily prints, housed within a paper portfolio. Zinc etchings on handmade Japanese washi.
Six Springs
6 handdrawn original works on paper
15 x 10 cm
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Each morning I wake to you (five views of fuji san)
(Edition of 2)
14 x 21cm,
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An accordion artist’s book containing 5 mokuhanga prints (Japanese water-based woodblock). Part of the series, ‘Each morning I wake to you’, each print ‘Love, Nourish, Between, Ash, Eggs’ is a reflection of the constant presence of Mount. Fuji alongside a reference to the relationships formed with five fellow artists during the ‘Mokuhanga Innovation Laboratory Artist’s Residency’ on Lake Kawaguchiko, Japan in May 2015. Five woodblock prints in watercolour on ‘Ozu’ washi, ‘Isetetsu’ Japanese woodblock printed endpapers, hardback covered with mokuhanga ‘ash’ print, hand coloured ‘Ozu’ washi bellyband slip case, 1st edition of 2 (VE - variation of endpapers)
Letters of Triangles письма-треугольники
Edition of 10
140 x 140 mm
There was a time in which soldiers, having had a prolonged absence from home, were thought to suffer and sometimes die of ‘Nostalgia’. This malaise later became known as homesickness. During WWII Russian soldiers sent triangular correspondence to their loved ones. In these письма-треугольники, the letter and envelope were one, allowing censors to access and omit any sensitive material without compromising the structure. The simple design meant the content and address never became separated and made the letters easily identifiable as priority mail to the postal service. This work comprises two triangular letters, to be read individually - one as an edited letter home and the other as a stream of consciousness yearning, or overlaid and read as one, flitting between the sentiments of the head and the heart. Letterpress printed 1st edition of 40 printed (the first 10 are a boxed edition housed within a bespoke clamshell box with mascara stained handkerchief inkjet printed linings and special edition triangular letter). Printed with gold and copper ink on found paper, tracing paper and Rives Arches on a Heidleburg Platten Press.
Road Kill II
Origami folded watercolour prints of animal road kill punctuate the purified contentment of rural living, as gentle reminders of mortality. A book in memorandum - A series of 3, pigeon, frog and rabbit, each inkjet printed on Somerset enhanced paper and hand watercolour tinted, hardback cloth covered case with gold foil lettering.
10.5 x 10.5cm,
Series of 3 - Limited Edition of 5
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£28 (inc. p&p)
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NB: The Squirrel is sold out
Souvenirs of Vulnerability
Risograph Printed with Soya Ink
Japanese Stab Sewn
Edition of 8
£35 (from PAPER)
£38 inc. p&p
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Lucy May Schofield & Sylvia Waltering

Individual contributors were selected and approached with the simple request to provide the artists with an object that had a special story or memory attached. They were asked to record that story, yet not reveal it. The artists used the loaned objects as muse and stimulation for their writing to unfold, creating new narrative potential.
The artists publication contains photographs of the belongings and the writings they inspired.
15 x 19cm, 40 pages with eight colour plates, cloth covered in Windsor Elcho, bronze foil blocked printed on a Heidelberg GTO52, hand finished edition of 90.
 £29 inc. p&p
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Proverb Postcards
Unlimited Edition
£16 inc. p/p
£13 from the gallery
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The beginning of the end
Hardback book
Edition of 5
18 x 13cm
36 pages
£43 inc. p&p
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softback book
21 x 15cm
80 pages approx
£42 from the gallery
£45 inc. p&p
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