Take a "Totaller" Fabulous "Pizza" Art home!!!
To mark the end of their exhibition at PAPER, Totaller will be selling off items from their archive at the price of a Dominos Pizza.
Own an original piece of Totaller art!!! 
As seen in The Guardian, Manchester Evening News and Art Monthly!!!
A Stargate Meateor
Cthulhu Tuna Delight (extra Tentacles)
Tandoori Hot Astro-Goth
New Yorker
Vegi Volcano
Mighty Meaty
NB: All work needs to be collected from PAPER on Saturday 11 April, the final day of the exhibition. 
15” Deep Pan Stuffed Crust Portuguese Man O’ War (Totaller’s Studio) is an exhibition of new original work fromTotaller, built from various ephemera and artworks, turning PAPER into an all consuming collage. Opposed to the usual idea of a collective, Totaller is one Artist made up of three core members, Lesley Guy, Lea Torp Nielsen, and Dale Holmes. Based in Sheffield, Totaller has the potential to grow dependent on the nature of the work to be carried out; and is an ad-hoc unit temporarily absorbing skills, materials, images, artworks, everyday cultural artefacts.
15” Deep Pan Stuffed Crust Portuguese Man O’ War (Totaller’s Studio) takes Le Mur de l'Atelier d'André Breton, the seminal work by the Surrealist artist on permanent display at the Centre Pompidou, as it’s point of departure. The work is a reconstruction of André Breton’s studio featuring artworks by his contemporaries, artefacts from ancient civilisations, objects, and ephemera.
Totaller will build a bespoke shelving system along one wall of the gallery to provide an architecture that will hold its own collection of detritus, existing artworks – including a selection of work from PAPER’s archive, new art objects made using papier-mâché, all combined with pre-used materials and objects. The exhibition collides distinct aesthetic registers, artistic sensibilities, and visual languages in an effort to extend and complicate the logics of collage and bricolage.
Installation @ PAPER

About Totaller

Lesley Guy is an artist based in Sheffield, UK. She has exhibited widely across Europe, Asia and the UK. Group shows include Portmanteau, curated by g39 for Halle 14 in Leipzig, Jeune Creation at Centquatre, Paris, Appropriate Response, Vulpes Vulpes and Possession at BACC, Bangkok, London. 

Dale Holmes has been exhibited in galleries and institutions both nationally and internationally including Beaconsfield (London), Sonce Alexander Gallery (LA), Essays and Observations (Berlin), Castlefield (Manchester), Tate Britain (London) and The Walker (Liverpool).

Lea Torp Nielsen is a Danish artist living in Sheffield, UK. Exhibitions include - Spanien 19C Galleri, Århus, Denmark, Flashlight Became Dynamite. Backlit, Nottingham, OVERSEASONED 1-2, York, Object Abuse, Spinach, London and £1 Fish at S1.

The following artists have had their work absorbed into the Totaller Installation:
Moira Barraclough / Paul Barlow / Lizzie Feather / Chris Fielder / David Hancock / Paraic Leahy / Dominic Mason / Conor Rogers / Mark Scott-Wood / Graham Watson / Simon Woolham /
Review in Art Monthly April 2015
Review in The Guardian Guide February 2015