PAPER’s solo presentation of drawings by Jemima Brown’s assembles a project that Jemima has been developing since 2009. Jemima’s practice in sculpture, installation and drawing investigates social structures and personal and political histories. Using a wide variety of media she uses suggested narrative and social critique in order to orchestrate the complex visual narratives involved in self-creation.
Untitled Profile Pictures is an ongoing drawing project in which Jemima has experimented with the visual translation of a virtual social structure in a series of drawings of Facebook profile pictures. From the lo-res pixilated images of ‘profile pictures’ she has made to date nearly 200 drawings of her own Facebook friends (always choosing an image from their profile pictures in order that the choice of image is their choice for a public image). For her presentation at PAPER, Jemima will show a selection of these drawings selected from PAPER’s and Jemima’s mutual Facebook friends. Over the past six months both PAPER and Jemima has been inviting people to add Jemima as a friend or ‘like’ her Untitled Profile Pictures page on Facebook and the exhibition will be made from a selection of those people who put themselves forward.