Alexis Soul-Gray & Hannah Wooll - What Was Lost
Paper After All
Die Geduld des Papiers
Ruby Tingle - Familiars
Left Winter - Silk Graves
Leslie Thompson - My New Favourite Shop
Viginia Gianni - May I Ass
James Moore & Casper White - The Competition
On Paper
Twinkle Troughton - Remnant
Clare Booker - Collage Cities
Greig Burgoyne & Elisabeth Sonneck - Negotiations
Elise Ashby & Lisa Denyer - Strata
Darren Nixon & Laura Hopkinson - How it's Going
Sarah Hardacre - Behind the Times
Between the Layers of...
Jade Magenta Williams - A Smart Price Way of Life
Ruofan Chen - Property of Neutral
Foday Kabba - Where do we go from here?
Paper on Paper
Clare Booker - Imagined Airport
Twinkle Troughton - Secrets & Dreams
At Our Still Lives Posed
Susannah Douglas - Video Stills
Gareth Bunting - At the Cross Junction
Richard Meaghan - The Undersides of Leaves
Dan Szor - Close too Civilisation
Personal Structures
Short Supply - Material Concerns
Brendan Fletcher - Homer's Ghost
Christian Mieves - Letter/Litter
Lisa Denyer - Reset
Inner Landscapes: A Snapshot
Inner Landscapes
This Land is Our Land
Rui Matsunaga - Mystic Lamb
Alicja Mrozowska - Building in the Dark
Niina Lehtonen Braun - The Girl & the Nettle
Daksha Patel - Body (Re)Touched
Megan Powell - Get Stabbed and Boogie
Jack Brown - Found Note Silk Hanky
Tim Ellis - Cypher
Rosanne Robertson - Slipping. Suspended
Native: Manchester
Turning the Page
Into a Light
Paraic Leahy - The Nothing Unfurling Under Her Gaze
Daniel Wiltshire - Polychrome
Tracing PAPER 2018
Lubna Ali - My Show, My Rules
Olivia Punnett - Every Point in the Universe...
University of Salford Print Portfolio
Dividing Rules: The Line Between
David Hancock - A Still Life
Hannah Wooll - Interior World
Ange Ong - Hong Kong Cafe
Like the Lines of a Hand
Sharon Leahy Clark - Wasteland
Sarah Eyre - Cut/Copy/Paste
Ilona Kiss - Visitors
Pär Strömberg - Those of the Unlight
Sarah Boulter - Public Relations #1
The Surface of Things
Line & Fold
For Space
PAPER Degrees
Sharon Leahy Clark - Not Afraid of the Dark
Tracey Eastham - Babel
This is Hardcore
Semiotic Guerrilla Warfare part IV
Ruby Tingle - The Land Is
The Cat Show
Into the Deep Woods
Paper Dialogues
Narbi Price - Codeword
Lisa Wilkens - Teken aan de Wand
Sound and Vision
Lords of the Forest
Semiotic Guerrilla Warfare part III
Vincent James - The Grand Scheme of Things
Semiotic Guerrilla Warfare
Lisa Wilkens - The Shadow of an Unseen Power
Vincent James - Exploring PAPER
Tracing PAPER
Phill Hopkins & James Moore - Generation Loss
Frances Disley - Intermission
Everyday Illusions
Daksha Patel - Dust
The Functionality of Thought
Unstable Ground
Snow in Summer
Jemima Brown - Untitled Profile Pictures
Susannah Douglas & Bethan Hamilton - Party Favours
Rachel Wrigley - Staring at the Artex Ceiling
End of the Line
Interim PAPER
Performing PAPER
Andrea Cotton & Naomi Lethbridge
Leanne Richardson & Lucy May Schofield
Selling Studio
All Your Women Things