PAPER will be kicking off the new year with the first solo exhibition by Rachel Wrigley. Rachel was selected for PAPER’s first Artist-in-Residence scheme Exploring PAPER in 2013. The 6-week residency encouraged Rachel to focus on her practice by exploring and interpreting ‘paper’ and ‘place’ in its widest context. 
Supported by the Arts Council of England, ‘Staring at the Artex Ceiling’ culminates the works that Rachel completed during and after her residency. Rachel’s work crosses the boundaries of drawing and sculpture, employing found imagery; she instigated these processes into her practice during her summer residency at PAPER. By embracing paper and its potential as a sculptural material she has applied paper-folding techniques to images to achieve a sense of illusion. Changing the usual forms expected from architecture and objects, Rachel hopes to provide a distorted version of reality, investigating space as a moveable, impermanent fixture.