Laura Jane Atkinson / Tracey Eastham / Sarah Eyre / Holly Rowan Hesson / Sarah Hill / Naomi Kendrick / Ellie MacGarry / Rachel Pursglove / Stephanie Shaw

There will be a special day of events on Saturday 11 July as part of the Manifest Arts weekend including a live performance by Naomi Kendrick.

PAPER presents the work of nine North and North West artists who have participated on the Tracing PAPER mentoring scheme. The exhibition will mark the end of 6 months of professional mentorship, development, and critical discourse. Each of the artists involved will exhibit new work on paper, developed throughout the mentoring scheme.

Tracey Eastham’s work consists of thin sheets of gold paper cut into an intricate design based on disparate images of fictional and historical interpretations of landscape. Sarah Eyre's surrealist photographic work investigates the discarded wig as an object using techniques such as cutting, folding, and reassembling to signify an unravelling of the image. Naomi Kendrick uses the suggestive influences of sound and hypnosis to alter the states of mind traveled through during the development of a drawing. She will present a series of drawings produced during these altered states.

Holly Rowan Hesson explores uncertainty and transience. Her work is multi-layered using layers of tracing paper to create an uncertain depth of focus shrounding sculptural objects. Rachel Pursglove explores the possibilities of paper in contrast to solid objects. She investigates the elements of paper and its ability to hold shape and structure, whilst representing scholarly rocks. Stephanie Shaw works through the mediums of collage, painting and sculpture, responding to visual information: reworking and reorganising found imagery she removes its original context.

Sarah Hill's collage work explores different processes of de-familiarisation and abstraction, using everyday imagery from advertising, popular culture, and literary sources. Hill will create a large mural collaged outside PAPER. Ellie MacGarry’s abstract paintings feature awkward jutting shapes and ribbons or stripes of colour which snake and furl within the ever-important boundary of the edge. Laura Jane Atkinson’s work is made accessible through tactility. She creates interactive surfaces that can be manipulated by the audience.

PAPER have a strong commitment to developing opportunities for local artists and have mentored the 9 artists since January. Over the course of the Tracing PAPER mentoring scheme the artists have had the opportunity to meet and discuss their work with each other and the PAPER team. Arts professionals were invited to critique the artists including Paul Stone, Director of Vane in Newcastle and Liverpool’s Bryan Biggs, Artistic Director at the Bluecoat.

As part of the exhibition there will be a special day of events on Saturday 11 July at Mirabel Studios, including a performance with Naomi Kendrick drawing in response to live improvised music by David Birchall starting at 3pm.

This day of events will coincide with the Manifest Arts Weekend. 

Installation Views
Rachel Pursglove, Tracing PAPER, 2015
Tracey Eastham, Tracing PAPER, 2015
Sarah Eyre
Penetralia #1

Photograph (Giclèe print on Hahnemühle Photo Rag Fine Art paper 310 gsm)
28.5 x 18 cm
Edition of 10 (+ 5 artist’s proofs)

Naomi Kendrick
Metronome #4

White gel pen on Black paper 
21 x 29cm

Tracey Eastham
Tower (destroyed)

Paper in glass bell jar
40 x 28cm

Sarah Hill
Mother Earth

Paper Magazine Collage
15 x 10cm

Ellie MacGarry
Pleasure Beach

Oil & Spray Paint on Rag Paper
100 x 70cm

Holly Rowan Hesson
Snagging list

Wood, Nails, Washi Paper
76 x 56cm

Laura Jane Atkinson
Lenticular Programmed Pattern #1

Digital print on paper laminated to lenticular lens
21 x 28cm

Stephanie Shaw
No. 15

Oil & Collage on Found Paper
13 x 9cm
Rachel Purseglove
Rock #7 (from Rock Formations series)

Cut out & folded Digital Prints on Card
Dimnensions Variable